Friday, August 20, 2010

One on One with Anne Barge

What inspires you to design a new wedding gown?

Anne: "Many things go into the inspiration for a new gown. It can be feedback from real brides when I attend trunk shows, new fabrics or embroidery designs, a trip to a museum, movies old and new, vintage clothing, historical costume books, ribbons, trims and gowns worn by European royalty over the years."

"The new Fall Collection which we have just shown at NY Bridal Market was inspired by the economy! We wanted to give brides a tremendous amount of dress for a very reasonable price. We were focused on light and airy fabrics, with some beaded laces, beaded ribbon sash belts and silk flowers for embellishment."

What trends are you seeing right now in the wedding gown industry?

Anne: "The trend right now overall, whatever the silhouette, is light and airy, things with texture, lots of interest... contrasted to 5 years ago when we saw more conservative looks... brides definitely have gotten edgier... Even if a bride thinks she wants something more conservative she also wants to be different, not weird by any means, but something that makes a fashion statement.... Today's young woman follows fashion so much, it makes sense that on her wedding day she doesn't want to be ordinary, she wants to be extraordinary... today's bride wants to make a statement."

"I also think it is neat when brides can incorporate something of their mother's or grandmother's... something historical.... you see that a lot more here in the south than anywhere else. I love it when a bride has a family veil and all of the people who have worn it have their initials and their wedding date monogrammed on it. Even if you don't pass your dress down to your daughter you can pass down something- handkerchiefs, jewelry, a broach. We can take a piece from the mom's dress and incorporate it into a bride's gown or a piece of veil is incorporated somewhere."

Here are a few of the new additions to the Anne Barge collection:

Interview compliments of Atlanta Wedding Trendsetter

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